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Sikh Coins

Sikhs first produced coins in VS (Vikrami Sambat) 1767-1772 which is AD1710-1715 under Baba Banda Singh Bahadur (also known as phai Gurbakhsh Singh by Sikhs) they began to produce coins under the Misl rule regularly from VS1822 which is AD1765. The Sikh Empire excelled during the rule of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and this also increased the production of the coinage. Although Sikh coins were struck in at least 20 mints, today coins of Amritsar are the ones that are the ones available in reasonable quantity, this is probably because the people of Punjab hoarded them for the name of the holy city of Amritsar. Coins of other mints are rare to scarce and today command very high prices. Many people continue to collect the much sort after history of the Sikh Empire in the form of coins of the Sikhs. The coins themselves remain the direct link to the history of the Sikhs. Compared to other coins from the Indian subcontinent Sikh coins exist in very small numbers. This is proved by the high prices the common Sikh coins continue to demand. Even today, many new collectors continue to attribute Sikh coins to new mint cities, understanding new marks, Guru Nanak era dates and rare die types. This makes collecting the coins an extremely exciting hobby.

Indus Valley (2500-1750 BC)

These are coins from the Indus Valley Civilization, from Harappa and Mohenjo Daro. Whether they are seals or coins, scholars are divided on that. Reserve Bank Ancient Indian Coinage Collection The two coins are made of copper and they show an unicorn and a horned deity.

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Globals Anique is doing an excellent business with consistency, in dealing with Rare Metals of all types ranging from Ancient Coins to Copper Iridium Rice Pullers, Rare Herbs and Other Antique items.Globals Anique is committed to procuring some of the world's most "strangest" things, either for R&D or simply because we know a few people who are willing to pay a huge price for it outside India.

Global Antique

We believe that commitment and sincerity is a basic necessity, for any successful bussiness. At Globals Antique we just follow that. Apart from the commitment and sincerity we show, we have a team of well trained staffs, who add extra strength to the organisation. Any work in our organisation is carried out with utmost sincerity, with the end result in mind.

Global Antique

We look forward for serious business partners who posses or in need of Antique items . We assure you a smooth bussiness-transactions, at all times during the deal. We are having large amount of antique collections. We are indeed, one of the most established companies in Asia that have always been intrigued, fascinated and all the more ardent to bust myths and to explore the unknown.

Global Antique

Global Antique is a group of collectors who have a common passion for collecting these artistically altered coins called love tokens. The study of Ancient Indian coins is both interesting and fascinating. Coins help archaeologists and historians discover the history, culture, economy and religious importance of a bygone era.The coins posted here were issued by various kings belonging to different dynasties,in different times .

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Rice Puller

Test For Rice Puller

  STAPLER PIN TOUCHING: Take a small iron stapler pin and bring near the RP. It should not stick to RP. (If the pin sticks, then RP is fake.)
  INSTANT PULLING DISTANCE: Get fresh rice from home preferably fresh dehusked rice. (Do not use sellers rice as they do gimmicks as they use chemicals kept hidden in
    fingernails.)Keep the rice very near the item for attraction note the time taken and distance pulled and color.
  INSTANT PULLING TIME ...............................................................................
  Color change time after sticking................................................
  After how much time does the rice fall....................................................
  RICE TO RICE: Take these tested rice & place them on a flat surface towards untested rice and check for attraction.
  GLASS WATER TEST: Fill a non-metallic glass with water and place the 4 tested rice on the water surface (as in 4 corners). After some time they will come towards the center.
    The rice should turn to yellow or brown in color.Now bring a Pin over the center; the rice will move away.Remove the pin and they will come to the center again. (If rice turns to
    BLUE COLOR then RP is afake.)
  WATER TO RICE: Fill 1” water in a non-metallic glass; put plain rice in it; they will settle at the bottom.Now sprinkle some tested “rice dust“ on the water.The plain rice
    will stand vertically at the bottom of the glass.
  COPPER WIRE TEST: Take a thin copper wire and wind 2 or 3 turns on the RP and leave about 2 inches hanging out. Now do the INSTANT PULLING TEST. The copper wire
    should pull rice same as with the RP itself.

How to Pack Your Rice Puller

  It is very important to protect the Rice Puller so that its power does not go away. You may follow these simple steps to safely pack and store your RP:.
  If your RP is small, it is relatively safer to pack and carry it. If it is a large item, you have to be very careful in handling it. The best thing to do is to let the RP remain where it is and
    we will take care of it when we come to test and buy it.
  If your RP is small (coin, etc..), take a big soap used in washing clothes, and cut the soap in half.
    *make a hole so that the RP can fit inside easily
    *then put the RP inside and bring the 2 soap pieces together
  wrap it in carbon paper with the carbon side facing down (inside)
  wrap it in another carbon paper facing up (outside)
  wrap it in another carbon paper facing down (inside)
  repeat the above a few times
  warp a soft & thick plastic sheet (polythene) around the above
  warp it with white sticking tape used by doctors
  now warp it several times in rubber tyre tube used in cycle/cars/truck (depending on size)
  place this packed piece on a plain wooden surface and sprinkle lots of untested basmati rice on and around it
  wait for half an hour and if see if any rice sticks to the packing
  even if one rice grain sticks, then add more packing material > carbon Paper > plastic sheet > white tape > tyre tube
  again test the pacing with untested rice for about half an hour
  if rice does not stick BUT still changes color OR becomes powder when rubbed between your fingers, then add more packing
  test the packing again
  If rice does not stick, does not change color and also does not become Powder, add one more final layer of packing material > carbon papers >
    plastic sheet > white tape > tyre tube
  finally put it in a wooden box
  The rice puller should be packed by anti radiation kit four layer OR The rice puller should be packed by anti radiation glass
  Now is ready in a store / carry.

Terms & Conditions

Right here we've got something you gonna love


Terms & Conditions

Proper place of inspection must be inform to us with correct kilometer from the city.(Please once specified not be changed further as on the same day).
Date of inspection: Time of inspection: (9 a.m. to 12 p.m.).Time of observation.
Free hand test must be allowed.
Any cash Transaction will not be allowed before testing.
If the material is found or defect or not in the position, in that case tester has full right's to left the spot immediately and specified expenses or service charges will be forfeited.
The promoter / Promoters is / are being requested to get rid of any hazard on the spot.
The payment or if any will be made within 4 hours by the buyer after testing.
The materials shall be kept quite under the joint custody (Between the buyer side & seller side)after the thorough inspection
Tester will examine the material free hand.
Indication of the final Payment
liquid payment shall not be given after 2 p.m.
Specified material will be confirmed after the following observation:
RICE PULLER = metal to rice,rice to rice,density and radiation monitering,type of radiation etc.
M.P Shadow Smoke
G.M. Betel Leaf
N.M Rediation / Rainbow Light Flash Distance of light
Bone Mirror Shadow
Tumour As per R.P. Function is to be shown
Lebbo Subject to Confirmation.
Golochan Betal Leaf Net
Herbal Any trees, Copper function will be shown.

Rules & Regulations


Rules & Regulation

  First movement is a free movement for the good communication mediators,second time movement is a chargable packages.
  Within 24 hours after the confirmation the company will sent the tester to that place.
  After reaching the spot the tester shall be provided with Bond No.
  Without Bond issued by the company, tester will never examine the material.
  No transaction regarding liquid money or otherwise will be made through bank.
  During the period of examination the tester will not be allowed to take anything from the material owner such as breakfast, dinner, drinks etc.
    the sole Proprietor or Negotiator.
  The owner or Negotiator shall not asked any question to the tester regarding the actual price of the material we will communicate only with our inviter.
  The Bond issued by the company will remain valid for 24 hours, from the schedule time when the material is supposed to be placed for examination.
  Tester will examine the material free hand.
  If the material is found O.K. after the proper confirmation a sum of Rs. 5 Cr. To be paid by the company within 3 hours after the time of information if the spot situates within the
    metropolitan city only.
  That the 2nd day 50% of that total consideration to be paid by the company and the 3rd day remaining balance to be paid in full through Bank to Bank(conditions apply).
  Liquid money to be paid by the company as directed by the owner or negotiator to the various suitable spots.
  The income Tex file of the parties shall be arranged by the company within 9 days(conditions apply) from the date of full and final payment and in such case the Income tax payees
    will be bound to furnished their respective documents such as Ration Card, Voter Identity Card, Residential certificate, Stamp size recent 7 copies of photograph.
  When the company will initially pay a sum of Rs. 5Cr. On the 1st day the material will remain under the joint custody and the security to be arranged by the company at its own
    cost, expenses and charges.
  The company reserve the right to charge to after any terms and conditions as and when necessary.
  The owner or negotiator or any of their men will not be permitted to store or use any inflammable, combustible or alcoholic drug which may cause nuisance, annoyance or
    danger to those men who will be there.
  The item, upon which the bond is issued, will be applicable only for the same.
  If the party egars to receive spot payment more then 5 Cr. Henceforth the security deposit will be double.
  All the other rules and regulations not specially mentioned herein before the law of Indian Company`s Act. 1956 shall apply mutatis-mutandis.

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